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weightmanagementLack of information is not the problem! You already know how to reduce your weight, right? Eat right, exercise, and drink lots of water. Sounds reasonable.

So why do you continually sabotage yourself?

Generally speaking, you are sabotaged by lack of motivation, unhealthy lifestyle habits, and an ongoing poor relationship with food.

Somehow the message hasn’t gotten through to the subconscious part of your mind, and your old habits override your best intentions.

The bottom line is: to be successful at sustaining and managing your weight, at some point you’ll need to re-train the subconscious part of your mind so your habits and lifestyle work for you, not against you. You’ll also need a better relationship with food, and you’ll need some form of motivation to stay on track.

Hypnosis can do all that for you, and more!

A comparison of the hypnotically treated groups with control groups strongly indicates that hypnotherapy for weight reduction is effective,” according to the well-researched, Handbook of Clinical Hypnosis, published by the American Psychological Association.

We learn in a hypnotic state of focused attention, which takes time, reinforcement, and a commitment to change. But with all the multitasking needed to perform our best in modern society, it is increasingly difficult to focus on making healthy lifestyle changes and the adjustments to our eating we all need to make as we age, especially when we are stressed out during the day and tired at night. Are you waiting for a health crisis to kick-start your program? By then it may be too late!

That’s where hypnosis and hypnotherapy comes in.

Using hypnotic techniques to focus on the positive instead of the negative not only can help clear the root cause of your eating and self esteem issues, but most importantly, it can help you change your relationship to food and help motivate you to exercise.

For example, you are likely to be more successful staying focused on better food choices than focusing on which foods to avoid.

Sure, it’s important to take a good, long, sobering look in the mirror, to know your lean/fat body ratio, and talk to your doctor about the long-term health implications of being overweight. That information can surely help you make the rational choice to commit to improving your health.

But knowing that, ask yourself, which will help motivate you the best, focusing on beating yourself up with what could go wrong or inspiring yourself with what could go right?

More than anything else, hypnosis is an amplifying and focusing technique that is both safe and proven effective.

And in my experience, focusing on success is more likely to breed more success and be a more enjoyable, sustainable process than focusing on “not failing”.

“I just got your tape a month ago and I already know it has changed my life, I used to have a hate/love relationship with food, now I am free from food for the first time in my life. Now food is just that … food for my body, food is not a priority in my life anymore.”

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For SF Bay Area Clients

For those living in the SF Bay Area, click here to set up your FREE 1/2 hour consultation. My on-site Weight Management Program involves a combination of 1:1 hypnotherapy sessions, deep hypnosis, and a personalized audio reinforcement MP3 recording for your home use. You’ll also learn self-hypnosis, a relaxing way to empower yourself without ever having to rely on potentially harmful medications, herbs, or tasteless, prepackaged foods. Let’s move forward and get started TODAY!

Out of Town Clients

My online Weight Management Program includes a personalized self-hypnosis session recording based on your specific needs with your own personal imagery (hey, not everyone likes the beach, and individuals respond better when they are treated as individuals, right?). You are then able to do self-hypnosis on your own with custom-made audio MP3 that is meaningful to you. To get started today, click here and use my secure, instructional order form. (You must be at least 18 years of age or submit written parental consent.)