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“Several months ago I ordered a tape for relaxation. I am very impressed. I listen to it every night. I have never had such an easy time falling asleep. I no longer need the prescription given to me by my doctor.”
P. Weiss, Retired

“Dear Ken, I received the tape today Thursday and can’t wait until things are nice an quiet around here at bedtime to listen to it. I am very happy to be getting back into hypnosis again as I think it is a wonderful healing tool that not enough people know about. Thanks so much for being there. I had no idea that we could find things like this online.
Darlene Fitts, Scotts Valley, CA

“Great Work! Since working with you, my nights have been full of restful sleep.”
Brian, Writer, San Francisco

“Hi, Ken! I got it! Love it! Will use it!! Many thanks.”

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