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“When I younger, I developed chronic digestive problems that caused me a tremendous of social anxiety. I sought treatment through Western and Alternative Medicine, along with years of traditional therapy, without much success. When I came to Ken for hypnosis, I was impressed by his attentiveness, caring, and commitment to working on my IBS with me. The sessions provided me with a way to deeply relax and gave me the ability to draw on positive visualizations when needed.”
Anonymous IBS Sufferer, SF

“Dear Ken, I at last listened to the tape I ordered to help me heal mind and body. The one addressing sensitivities/allergies. I was a little anxious that somehow all the mentions of allergies would re-inforce them, and yet to my relief, not one mention! You addressed the psychological and whole health REAL issues. I can tell they are real issues with the responses I have, even while in a deep trance. I am incredibly pleased with this very perceptive, supportive tape and much to think about- on a conscious and unconscious level. I appreciate your ethics as well. I also wanted to update you… I began with a Naturopath, who is helping with healing environmental illness/food intolerances/allergies. He believes I can be well again (…I can hear you saying, “Believe in your self.”) My adrenal and liver functions are improving, and I have lost 60 lbs. in the 6 months I have been walking (jump started with the Weight Loss tapes earlier this year). I walk 6-14 miles a week. Your latest tape will be a part of my Wellness Program. I will keep you posted. Thank you for sharing your positive energy with so many. p.s. Feel free to print any part or whole of this.”
Gwen, Stratford, CT

“Dear Ken, I would like to thank you for the hypno cd that you have done for me. It’s great working with it. I am curious as to your ability to verbalize the ‘perfect’ suggestions. Do you intuit what you say, or are these generic suggestions coupled with mine? Each time I listen, it really hits the spot. It was interesting the first few times that I listened as there were a couple of statements that I resisted and it made me feel tense. I became aware of my response. As I have continued working with it, I recognise that these are aspects of myself that I have needed to acknowledge and allow. It’s been an interesting process. Now when I listen, the understanding and welcome of the message is there. Thank you for the wonderful work you are doing, re-aligning self and others. With truth and purpose for the benefit of all. Blessings and Joy!”
Latimah, Australia

“The doctor did let me listen to your tape through surgery. Everything went well. And my recovery is just going super! I’m sure it was from your tape. Your voice is very soothing and I listen to it everyday still. I’m up and around, and didn’t even need a wheelchair to get to the airport. My mental frame of mind is just amazing to me! I came through my surgery much better than I expected. Thank you for your help.”
Jan McKinney, Retired IBM Exec, OK (Tumor removed from behind her eye)

“Mr. Steinmetz, I think you are a great person. Today is my third day of listening to the tape. I can feel an improvement. May God bless you for helping people with their problems. In my country surgeons/doctors are thought of having the power of healing in their hands. I think you are a healer too. Thank you!”
S. Tejani, Missouri City, TX

“I just wanted to let you know that I received the tape that you made for me today.. and I listened to it before dinner today. I have to say I was most pleased with this tape, and am very excited to be starting this process using your tape. Thank you very much.”
Dawn Peters, GA

“My surgery was out of town. I really hate flying so I started listening to the tape as soon as I got into my seat. I was very relaxed during take-off and my husband was grateful for the relief from my usual death-grip. The surgery went well. The tape was very helpful in getting me to relax before the surgery. I also came out of anesthesia without the usual confusion. I woke up and you were still talking to me. My recovery was very smooth and fast after some initial complications. I’m back to work now and feeling back to normal. I have another procedure in early March so I’ll be using the tape again soon. Thanks for rushing my order. I think it made a big difference in how relaxed I was before surgery and in my recovery.”
Angela Justman, TN

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