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“Hi Ken, I received the tape and I have already noticed a difference in the pain in my knees. Last week I actually walked all day without my braces on my legs! Haven’t done this for 2 1/2 years!! Amazing! I still have bad pain days but with the tape even the bad pain days I am having I am not confined in bed!! Thanks Ken! I have noticed I am much calmer than I have been before. I also approach life with the outlook that if today was my last day on earth how would I treat people and I treat everyone with kindness. This is definately not the “old Lorna” and this behavior is different. My friends say they like my atitude and this is good. I am getting along better with my husband because I am being open and honest with him. He also has been more helpful for me. I want to thank you for the tape and the help I have received from it so far. You are truly a Godsend.”
Lorna Young, TX

“Hi Ken, I just want to thank you for the personal CD you made for me. I found it really helpful, and beautifully scripted. I listened to it all through the pregnancy, when labour commenced (about 4 times in a row!), and during when I thought it was time to rest and regain energy. I had such an empowering and celebratory birthing experience. I was coping so well that the doctors didn’t check me for dilation – and when they did, they were so surprised to discover that I was already 10cms dilated and ready for birthing. Just thought I would let you know that the CD was great, and I know it made a big difference to my mental strength and overall attunement to the process. I am keen to have another one done…that would be appropriate to the next stage of my life. How should we go about this? Thank you again.”
Latimah, Inverloch, Australia

“In November 1998, after a frightening episode of pain, I was diagnosed with an ovarian cyst 12 centimeters in diameter which was potentially cancerous. I was scheduled for surgery to remove the cyst, with the possibility of removing my left ovary, or, at the worst, all my female organs. The only other time in the past I had surgery I had awakened from the anesthesia in a state of terror, weeping at the loss of control I had experienced while unconscious. I was determined this time to maintain a positive attitude regarding my upcoming surgery and contacted Mr. Steinmetz. The result of listening to the tape that he made for me was a newfound calm and inner strength as I went into surgery, with a faster than normal recovery period. When I awoke from anesthesia this time, I opened my eyes and saw the love in the eyes of my family. I knew, in that moment, love was all that mattered. The cyst was benign and none of my organs were removed. Listening to Mr. Steinmetz’s tape taught me a method of centering myself in the face of difficulty that I will be able to use again and again in my life.”
Erin Sutherland, Flight Attendant, SF

“Thank you so much for your tape. I don’t have as much shoulder pain as I did. I am recommending you to everyone I know!”
Sharon Howard, LMT, TN

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