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“Hello Ken, In June it will be THREE years since I have had a cigarette after smoking for decades. Thank you for your fine program and for the healthy years ahead of me.”
Patty, San Francisco

“Dear Ken: Time flies so fast these days, hard to believe it has been a whole month since you treated Matthew and me for our nicotine addiction. Yet time does relentlessly pass so quickly. This is intended as a quick note of thanks for all your assistance in helping us become non-smokers now. I carry my little cards with me all the time and when I would normally reach for a cigarette, I reach instead for the cards! I read from them until the craving passes (usually very quickly). Since I normally used to reach for a smoke first thing in the morning, now I reach instead for the deck of cards you made with me when I awaken. I ritually go through the whole stack of them every morning and read them aloud with Matthew as he reads his. Great reinforcement. I did not tell you this when we first met, but I was terribly fearful that I couldn’t stop smoking. I recognized that I was a nervous smoker (triggered to smoke by nervous habit). From what I had read, this seemed to be the most difficult type of habit to break. Smoking seemed to be such a big part of my life; I could not see how I could possibly quit. Well, I had not counted on that distant relative who left that building to me in his will! Many, many thanks to you and your wonderful practice, Ken. Where I anticipated failure, you saw future success!”
Jim and Matthew, San Francisco

“Hello Ken, My name is Reginald and I completed your smoking therapy back on May 6th, 2007 and happy to say I have not smoked, or had the desire to smoke since I left your office! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! I’m now interested in finding out more about the Release Weight program… you recommend I come to your office for the sessions, or order the CD’s? Also need price info.”
Reginald W, San Francisco

“Good Day Ken, So far so good! I was at a party this weekend and grabbed a smoke from one of my friends but nothing in me wanted to take a drag… it was a habit thing I guess. It’s funny I just don’t want to smoke. I don’t miss it. I am a non-smoker now.”
RP, San Francisco

“Hi Ken,I just thought I’d write a quick note to let you know that it’s been one week and I am a NON-SMOKER now! No problem. I really feel like it’s behind me. Thanks so much for your help! Best regards.”
Rick R, San Francisco

“Dear Ken, many thanks for taking me through your anti-smoking course. From the age of eighteen, I smoked between forty and sixty cigarettes a day. I tried many ways to give up – and nothing seemed to work. But now, twenty years later, and after just three sessions with you, I am at last a non-smoker. It was an enjoyable and fun experience and, obviously, the pay-off is a cleaner and healthier life. I couldn’t be more pleased with the experience or impressed by your technique. Again – many, many thanks!”
Alex C., London, UK

“Hi Ken, I always remember you saying to me when I was upset about America/Ireland/what I was doing, etc. that maybe the main reason I ended up in America for 8 years was that I’d give up smoking and if that was what was behind it all that was good. It is good. I’ve thought about you a lot since I’ve been home and since I quit smoking – I cannot begin to tell you what you did for me helping me quit. I can’t tell you how happy I feel. It’s like that feeling when you buy something new and love it and later in the day feel happy and can’t remember why and then go – oh yeah it’s my new dress, that’s what I’m happy about. It comes into my head now and then – hurray I don’t smoke – every time I think – it’s over, I did it, the hell of it is over – I just smile from ear to ear. You saved me from an early death – I can tell you that for sure- they were killing me. I think I told you my Aunty died of emphysema at age 44, I believe I was heading that was. My lungs are still healing – I still feel it sometimes – I know they’re not recovered yet. Thanks to you I’ll be fine. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU A HUNDRED THOUSAND TIMES. You’re someone hugely significant in my life. I will always remember you and always feel hugely thankful to you. I never even think about them now. It’s fabulous, it’s amazing. The smell makes me sick – I just love that!! People have no idea, my parents – they have no idea how hugeeee it is. It’s huge, it’s the biggest thing in my life to date. I hope all is well with you, you deserve only the finest of life. I’ll probably e-mail you again to say hello and thank you again!!! – I could go on and on!! All the best.”
J, Ireland

“Hi Ken, I wanted to thank you once again for giving me my life back! It is still my firm belief that to quit smoking, Hypnosis is the only way to go. Thank you!”
Scot, Anchorage, AK

“Ken: Just a quick note to say hello…..I referred a friend to you, and while at your website, I thought I would send you a quick email to say hello. And to thank you once again!!!!! 2 months and 6 days!!!! And I feel wonderful! Thanks!”
Eric, San Francisco

“Hi Ken, FYI – We’re both still cigarette-free: 1 year 3 months. Money saved: $2,047. Cigs not smoked: 9,098 : ) Thanks, Ken.”
PK, San Francisco

“You saved my life! Six months and I am still a non-smoker. I haven’t felt this good in 50 years. Keep doing this very good work that you do. I would recommend you to my family, friends, and loved ones. I still play your tape each night before bed. I just can’t thank you enough!”
Shep Mishkin, age 63, San Francisco

“Hi, Ken, I came in to stop smoking on President’s Day of 2002. I have to tell you that I have been a non-smoker for over 16 months! I just wanted to let you know that the hypnosis worked. A friend of mine Skot tells me that he’s come in to see you to also be a non-smoker again. He’s excited about it. Thanks!”
Keith, San Francisco

“Ken, my name is Kathy. I ordered a personalized Stop Smoking Program from you. I know this sounds really corny, but with your help I am a new person. Thank you for your tape and for everything that you put into making the tape just for me. It was a nice surprise. I didnt expect it to be so personal. I smoked for 15 years (which I realize isn’t that long compared to some others) but I was VERY emotionally dependent on the cigarettes. I still cant believe how wonderful it is. I did have some hard times for the first couple of days, cravings I mean. But, I am doing GREAT! I NEVER thought I could quit. My husband and kids are thrilled. You have been such a blessing to me. I thank God for leading me to you on the internet. Anytime you need me to let someone else know how I feel about your tapes, I’d be glad to tell them. I hope they’ll get a blessing too. Thanks !!!!!”
Kathy P., Lexington, SC

“Ken,I received the “Stop-Smoking” tape and listened to it. It was a very pleasant surprise. Your voice alone was worth the purchase. You are certainly in the right business! 13 days and going strong, and I’ve been keeping myself outside and very active to do this. I’ve been walking and running, and I’ve even rotter tilled three new huge gardens during the nice weather. So I’m definitely getting ready for the next set of tapes pretty soon. Thanks so much for your supportive tapes and and super-lovely voice!”
Cynthia, Martha’s Vineyard, MA

“Ken, you probably don’t remember me, but you helped me quite smoking a couple years ago. It was successful and I actually did not smoke from the day I left your office (I smoked a pack a day before that). You are seeing my friend, on Saturday afternoon. I told her to go to you. I am writing you to give you my best wishes and hope for success with her also. I know this is something that she has to want herself, but I wanted to put in the well wishes to you in any case. Good luck.”
Cameron, San Francisco

“Hi Ken, I just wanted to let you know that I have not smoked any pot for 5 weeks! I am so happy to be a NON-SMOKER NOW, and your tape has been really instrumental in my success. I’m feeling great and grateful. Thanks a bunch.”
Deborah, San Francisco

“I smoked a pack a day for 24 years and finally decided it was time to quit. I didn’t want to use the nicotine patch or pharmaceuticals for health reasons, so I had 3 sessions with Ken. I have not smoked since my last session in March of 1998! Ken gave me some very useful tools to help with the cravings, and I especially like his relaxation tape. For anyone contemplating hypnosis, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Ken Steinmetz, CHT of Hypnosis for Health.”
Clive Philips, Theatre Technician, SF Opera

“After more than 40 years of smoking, hypnosis worked for me. Still after 4 months, I am a non-smoker and not even thinking about it. It was such a big help!”
Lucio Manso, Food & Beverage Director, Vallejo

“My experience at Hypnosis for Health was EXCELLENT. As a long time smoker (22 yrs) I was skeptical that hypnosis could help. Ken took the time to thoroughly explain the process so that I felt comfortable and able to have realistic expectations. IT WORKED! It’s been almost 6 months-not 1 cigarette. More importantly-NOT ONCE HAVE I HAD A CRAVING! I give (Ken) my highest/strongest recommendation.”
Greg Reniere, Investment Banker, San Francisco

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