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“Hi Ken, Several years back I saw you for OCD. The hypnosis got rid of my OCD in one visit. It was truly amazing. For the past 5 weeks I have been having symptoms of light-headedness. I have seen three different doctors. They are not certain of what it is. Anxiety is one of the possible causes, though I don’t have the other symptoms typically associated with anxiety. I can describe it to you further in person. I would like to see if hypnosis can help with these symptoms. Please let me know when you have openings available next week.”
J.C., Oakland

“Just spoke to Eric – he had two tests today – he listened to the CD last night before going to bed. He reported to me that the two tests were easy and the best of all – he said he didn’t feel any nervousness or anxiety when he sat down to take them or while he was taking them. He said he never had felt that relaxed when taking exams in the past. I can’t thank you enough for working with him.”
Eric S., (age 13), SF

“Ken, I just received the tape in the mail this afternoon. I listened to it and I love it! Nothing anyone has tried has gotten me to relax so deeply! I look forward to listening to your tape everyday!!! I cannot thank you enough right now. I think this is finally what is going to help me to get over these panic attacks. Thank you!”
Nicki Collins, CNE, IN

“Ken, I am the lawyer who was in a few weeks ago. You made a tape to help me increase self-esteem and live more in the present. I have found the tape very helpful, and wanted to thank you.”
David H, SF.

“I am so pleased with the tape—it exceeded my expectations. I have used it twice and have found each time that I was able to go into a more profound state of relaxation than I have experienced with any previous meditation tape. I am sure I will improve with daily use. I have family and friends for whom I will recommend your service. I feel that your price is a real bargain for the individualized service you provide. Thank you so very much.”
Eve Thorson, VA

“Ever since I was involved in a car accident at the age of 15, I have experienced intense anxiety, shoulder & neck seizures, and insomnia, often when the slightest anxiety-provoking situation arose at work. Ken made a tape for me that I listened to just before work & after the symptoms had begun. I am very happy & surprised to report that the symptoms have abated and have not re-occurred. I wish I’d tried hypnosis many years ago.”
Sandra Eggers, Legal Secretary, SF

“Hi Ken: I just wanted to let you know I’ve received the CD and all and it’s amazing, it’s just brilliant brilliant brilliant. I can feel it helping me already. I’m listening to it every morning at 10.30 – taking the time out for myself as you say. I can’t tell you how important you are to me in my life and how much you help me. It’s amazing that I don’t know you that well at all and yet if I was asked to name the people that have and are key to me in my life you would be right there. I just broke up with my boyfriend and it’s hard even though logically – I know it’s really good. Your tape is even helping me with that. Bridging the gap between logic and feeling – it’s really really helpful. I can’t go on enough. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Although I feel quite lonely at the moment cause even though I’ve wonderful friends and family each person’s partner is most important to them like my mam for my dad etc. But I feel safe cause I have your tape. You’re great. I hope everything is wonderful for you and all your loved ones. I’m sure I’ll write to you again soon. Thank you!”
J. C. Ireland

“Hypnosis for Health has been a life saver! I use Ken’s two tapes every day. His relaxation tape helps me sleep at night, and I use my personalized tape each morning in order to start my day in a positive frame of mind. They both have worked very well for me.”
May Maria Pina, Retired RN, FL

“I attended 2 sessions with Ken, and I was greatly impressed. He quickly made me feel relaxed and comfortable with his presence. The tape we produced is very effective. It allows me to relax deeply.”
Jeffery Ladventure, Security Guard, SF

“Several months ago I ordered your tapes for relaxation and hair growth. I am very impressed. I listen to the relaxation tape every night. I have never had such an easy time falling asleep. I no longer need the prescription given to me by my doctor. By the way, my hair is looking much better now, too!”
P. Weiss, Retired

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