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“Aloha Ken, Just wanted to let you know that I really love my hypnosis session CD. Thank you so much. I really believe it is going to help me make the changes I need to make in order to be successful at losing weight. I will update you as progress is made. I have started walking again, and though it is difficult right now because my weight is so high, I believe it will be easier every day I do it and listen to my CD. God bless you, your family, and your success. Lots of Aloha!”
Barbi, Hawaii

“Excellent CD – Thank you! You definitely are a gifted hypnotist, but no doubt, you probably hear that all the time. Today, I rec’d my weight loss CD and played it … it was one of the best I have ever listened to, and I have listened to quite a few. Your voice is magnificent also! Along with the background of the ocean and the way you touched upon all my issues so gently. Hearing (on the tape) that my place is a safe place made me cry, and I really do feel safe thinking about my special place along the ocean. It was wonderful! I know it is only my first day and I probably am getting to excited, but I just had to email you and let you know how very much I appreciated what you did for me. You hit upon all my problem areas, especially being able to let of the past and let go of toxic people and to feel safe … it was empowering! I plan on emailing you again, after the 30 days is up, on June 2nd. Thank you so much and God bless!”
Stephanie, Woodland, CA

“Ken, just a quick note to let you know I received my CD yesterday. Also, to say that I enjoyed listening to it (twice, actually … once before dinner and once at bedtime). I very much like your technique and that you have personalized it to me. Already, I have noticed a slight decrease in my appetite and the way I feel. Thank you so much. I will continue to keep you posted.”
Ute, Columbus, GA

“I just got your tape a month ago and I already know it has changed my life, I used to have a hate/love relationship with food, now I am free from food for the first time in my life, now food is just that…. food for my body, food is not a priority in my life anymore. I used to fight all the time with my cravings (I won most of the times) but the stress this produced on me was huge. Now finally I feel relaxed to give my energy and attention to the important things of life (instead of food)…. God bless you, and thank God I had the great idea of recurring to hypnosis. Thank you again, the tape is not only great for weight loss; I think most important has been learning to relax and realizing about my own mind’s potential.”
Yolanda, Davis, CA

“Dear Ken, I had a chance to listen to the tape you made me this weekend. (it came Friday afternoon) It’s great! I’ve listened twice and so far I have actually increased my water intake by a lot! In fact I have cut out the wine significantly and added the water instead! A difference! I plan on taking the tape with me when I go to Las Vegas. It will really help me to get over the HUMP! I will let you know my results by next weekend! btw: your personality really comes out in the tape. Thanks for being there.”
Becky, Suwanee, GA

“Dear Ken, I received my tapes today (thank you!), and have listened to tape one so far. I was going to listen first and relax later, but soon I was deep into a relaxed state! I want to tell you how appreciative I am for such meaningful work. The tape is beautiful, deeply helpful, and I can’t wait to listen to the other one tomorrow. I’m going to use these every day and see how I do. I believe you are a healer with an ability to reach to the heart of the matter with great compassion. I look forward to ordering more tapes!”
Gwen, Stratford, CT

“Ken, I just wanted you to know that I started listening to the tape full time in mid-October. Since then I have lost 25 lbs. My constant hunger has gone away. That’s a nice feeling. Thanks again.”
Trinity, Jacksonville, VT

“I was skeptical at first. Then I released 60 lbs. and got rid of my bad eating habits, too, WITHOUT medication!”
Karen F., Writer, SF

“Hi Ken, I received my tape a few days ago… and I just wanted to say thank you so much… it’s excellent. I’ve been listening to it 2 times a day for the past 5 days and I’ve already lost 5.5 lbs… it that unbelievable? With your tape I am able to get into a really deep relaxation. I’ve noticed that I have much more willpower… throughout the entire day and even into the late evening, which has generally been the time of day when I overeat and pretend I don’t notice… I’m going to order another tape, just for some variety. Thanks again.”
Pati, Anaheim Hills, CA

“Hello Ken, I received my weight loss tape almost one week ago and I have listened to it everyday with the exception of two days when I went out of town and left the tape at home. But even in such a short period of time I can tell a difference. My ‘sweet tooth’ doesn’t seem to be telling me what to purchase at the grocery or convenience store…what a wonderful change! While noticing these little changes in my eating and exercise habits I began to wonder if I could use this technique to overcome my fear of public speaking. I hope you’ll be able to help me with my public speaking as your tape is helping me with my weight loss. Thank you!”
Belenda Gordon, Montgomery, AL

“Hi Ken. Thanks for the tape. I’ve used it 3 times in the last 7 days (not quite every day yet) and I’m enjoying it. I noticed that different parts of the tape will pop into my thoughts from time to time when I’m doing/eating something and its quite appropriate for these reminders to happen. Also as I use it more I am finding it more relaxing. Sometimes I find that just need to go and relax for a few minutes even without a tape (this is quite unusual for me). Its a very gentle process and I’m learning from it. I hope to increase the frequency to daily. I have also referred a couple of friends. Will keep in touch.”
Sue, Sydney, Australia

“Hi Ken! Just wanted to take a minute out of my day to say Thank You! You have made such a difference in my life. Already, people are noticing my weight loss. I feel better, I have more energy, I look better, and I’m staring to fit into those jeans I threw in the back of my closet months ago! The most amazing thing is that even when I slip and eat something unhealthy, I forgive myself and work a little harder the next day. I’m noticing changes in me I never thought possible, and eating healthy and exercising never seemed easier! Your work truly amazing, and I just wanted to thank you so very much for helping me get here!”
K. P., Editor, SF

“With Ken’s help I am finally keeping my blood pressure and cholesterol low without medication. The hypnosis helps me to take control of my diet with the power of my mind. The best thing about it is that it is easy and fun!”
P. Burns, SFNA, SF

“Although I had lost and kept off over 100 pounds in the past thirty years, I wanted to lose an additional 30 pounds, but was at an impasse of several years’ duration. I went to Ken Steinmetz, and he prepared a tape which enabled me to break through this plateau . Over a period of six months I released the 30 pounds-using the tape with a revised eating plan and exercise. Ken was accessible and interested in supporting me by developing a tape that reflected my concerns. I highly recommend Ken and plan on working with him to achieve other personal goals.”
Rod Leslie, Retired HS Teacher, SF

“I love the tape! Thanks and so far, so good.”
Faith Dincolo, CA

“I received your tape and have been using it every day. Already I can see a difference in the way I am approaching my life and especially FOOD!”
Valarie C. Thomas, US Navy

“You’ll be happy to know, no sugar or sugar products since our last session. I am also walking every
Nilu Gavankar, Engineer, India

“I knew what I had to do, but there was a gap between knowing and doing. Ken gave me that stepping stone in the middle of the river.”
Fay Faron, Writer/PI, SF

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