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Our Primary Language is Imagery!


Mind/Body imageryEMPOWER YOURSELF! Long before we learned words, we were taught with pictures and images that carried symbolic meaning. The key to self-healing is to methodically and systematically communicate the desired healing messages or behavioral changes to the subconscious part of yourself in a way that it can understand your intention.

The subconscious part of you controls your bodily functions and habit center, your intellect does not! Compiling information about your illness or symptom does not galvanize your healing system into action or motivate you to change. Ever notice that a good movie or a powerful dream can produce the same effect on your body as if it were really happening? Even though you intellectually know the movie scenes are staged, the characters are played by actors, and the dream is not real, your body reacts as though it is. In other words, you must literally incorporate the “picture of health” to be the picture of health! And hypnosis is the “Royal Road” to your healing system!

Clinical Hypnotherapy and Interactive Guided Imagery techniques are now on the cutting edge of alternative/complimentary medicine today because they are safe and free of harmful, debilitating side effects! For many years western allopathic doctors believed there was absolutely no correlation between the mind and healing the body! Realize that Hypnotherapists have been quietly and successfully doing Mind/Body communication for the past 120 years, if not longer! Hypnosis is has many proven and useful applications, once we take the time to understand how it works. How do I know hypnosis will work for me?

It is well known that the majority of hospital visits are psychosomatic illnesses; meaning the root causes are from repressed emotions, mental attitudes, nervous habits, or lifestyle choices. But most allopathic medical doctors test, diagnose and treat symptoms, not root causes. They simply label and temporarily suppress symptoms, then hope that the condition will improve. This practice keeps us in the dark about ourselves and does nothing to foster permanent healing. Often symptoms will later shift to some other part of the body because nothing has really changed! This serves only to reinforce that low grade, destructive fear that something is wrong with you. And where there is ignorance and fear, there is suffering.

Medical authorities reason it is cheaper, easier, less time consuming, and ultimately more profitable to convince a patient to simply take a pill rather than discover something about themselves or make a healthy lifestyle change. The insurance companies play right along, if not even promote this attitude. Thus, many pharmaceuticals are unnecessarily prescribed simply to mask symptoms and placate rather than heal, causing either serious cross-interactions with other drugs or other dangerous side effects. The fact is, our for-profit health care system is run by economists and not healers.

Science has now discovered there are actual physical Mind/Body links through which our mind affects our organs, hormone, immune, and healing systems. They are the chemical messengers created in the brain called, “neuropeptides”. Thoughts, feelings, or mental images create specific neuropeptides which are in turn deployed into the bloodstream and circulate to specific organs, glands or areas within the body. And since most every cell in our body has a neuropeptide receptor, it is possible to communicate to our body down to the stem-cell level, reminding us that as Dr Bernie Siegel, author of “Love, Medicine and Miracles”, stated “there is not one incurable disease that someone, somewhere has not fully recovered from, even from the brink of death!” 

Reclaim your health by using this first and primary language of the subconscious part of the mind: imagery. With Hypnotherapy, you’ll learn to communicate through your mind/body connection to:

  • naturally lower blood pressure
  • control IBS and other gastric symptoms
  • relieve chronic pain
  • enhance your immune system
  • have natural childbirth
  • end your nervous habits
  • quicken recovery from surgery or injury
  • help repair damaged nerves as a result of strokes or trauma
  • manage the side-effects of chemo or radiation treatment
  • control excessive sweating
  • get to sleep and stay asleep
  • and motivate yourself for a healthy lifestyle change
  • and more!

“When I came to Ken for hypnosis, I was impressed by his attentiveness, caring, and commitment to working on my IBS with me. The sessions provided me with a way to deeply relax and gave me the ability to draw on positive visualizations when needed.”

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