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Stress, anxiety, nervousnessHypnotherapists have been refining relaxation techniques for many, many years. It is an obvious choice for anyone who has never really learned how to relax or has forgotten what deep relaxation feels like. And the deeper you learn to relax, the better you feel, the more your health will improve!

WARNING – Stress is highly addictive! People will give you stress for free. Usually, you’ll get paid more money for taking on more stress, too. Stress can make us feel important, respected, needed, and more alive. But stress is truly the “silent killer”. Silent, because operating in high stress mode is like flying in a jet airplane; even though your body is hurdling through space at almost 400 miles an hour, once you get used to it, you feel like you are standing still. High stress mode then becomes the status quo for your body and your lifestyle. And you usually don’t realize this until your body revolts with a pesky stress-related symptom.

Part of our biological/genetic inheritance is our body’s capacity to adapt to our environment, which is usually a positive trait for survival. This primitive adaptive mechanism has allowed our species to evolve in sync with the Earth over millions of years. Humans have slowly adapted to extreme changes in temperature, altitude, food choices, and sun exposure: that was useful for our survival. Now the pace of technological advances and change that has occurred in just the last 200 years has far outstripped our body’s ability to adapt. Our bodies can only adapt for a limited time to prolonged stress like noise, air pollution, poor diet, lack of restful sleep, (and heck, even the inhalation of cigarette smoke) until our bodies eventually succumb to prolonged stress and start self-destructing. Thus, when our lives are out of balance, our bodies overextended, our minds on information overload, then our bodies start prematurely breaking down.

Extended “high stress mode” results in a plethora of stress-related complications, syndromes, and diseases, such as hypertension, chronic anxiety, nervous habits, insomnia, heart disease, IBS, ED, obesity (caused from stress eating), drug and alcohol abuse, hair loss, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, heartburn, gastric reflux, asthma, allergies, chronic viral infections, immune system disorders, breathing disorders, migraines, low back pain, nail biting, skin picking, bruxism, premature aging, and even road or airline rage.

You must realize that stress is not going to disappear from your life! It was stressful for you since the day you emerged from your mother’s womb and took your first breath. It’s going to be stressful for the better part of your life. How you respond to your stress is ultimately your responsibility. Stop all attempts at manipulating your outer environment, work on refining your inner stress-coping skills, and you will succeed in handling your stress better. Remember: all stress reactions are conditioned responses, they can be un-conditioned.

To more effectively deal with stress the subconscious part of you needs to literally be shown with guided imagery what you wish to accomplish; you’ll need to vividly imagine yourself in a relaxing place. The more you can really imagine yourself there, the more your body’s biochemistry will respond in kind. By consciously applying relaxation techniques, eventually you condition your body to respond to the same stress with a relaxation response instead, and can free yourself from your nervous habits, too. You can gain control of your biology!

“Nothing anyone has tried has gotten me to relax so deeply! I cannot thank you enough right now. I think this is finally what is going to help me to get over these panic attacks. Thank you!”

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